Army paid salaries to 3 artistes on Namal’s order!
Popular artistes Krishantha Erandaka, Arjun Kamalanath and Priyankara Perera had fraudulently obtained monthly salaries and allowances of nearly Rs. 60,000 each until January 2015 from the second volunteer force of the Army, say Army sources.
The trio had been recruited nominally to the Army on an order by MP Namal Rajapaksa, an investigation has revealed.
Brig. Sanath Perera, who is in charge of salary matters of the Army, has admitted, and female majors Vadumestri and Susira Perera have confirmed this.
Erandaka (S/2O-02044), Kamalanath (S/2O-02045) and Perera had been given the sergeant rank in this fraud that had gone on for years. The Army has handed over the matter to the CID since it is a matter that comes under the public property act.
We will accommodate, if the three artistes have anything to say about this.
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