Colombo Municipal Council breeds dengue mosquitoes
The health ministry said in a statement yesterday (07) that dengue fever could raise its head again owing to the continuation of the rainy weather. It said a special campaign would take place on the 09 and 10 to curb the disease.
Just as the ministry issues statements and carries out various programmes to curb dengue, the Colombo Municipal Council is breeding dengue mosquitoes.
The place is a land, now abandoned after being used as a parking area for a private hospital, near Gangarama Vihara, which is located in close proximity to the CMC’s 02-B district office.
Even during a shower, the land gets filled with water and remains water-logged. This is a big risk to people who frequent Gangarama Vihara, Jinarathana Technical Colege, schools, hospitals and state institutions.
This year so far, 160,000 dengue patients were reported – the highest in history – while 310 died in the first seven months, according to statistics. The highest number of patients was from Colombo district. Even drought-hit areas reported patients.
The local government bodies directly responsible for dengue eradication have appointed special officers for the task, but the CWC demonstrates its clear lack of commitment towards the taxpaying public by allowing mosquito breeding near its regional office.
Ashika Brahmana
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