Why a police commission ?
IGP Pujith Jayasundara summoned all policemen to Mahamevna Park in the early morning of yesterday (11) for a meditation programme from 5.30 am to 8.30 am. There he taught them about Maithri Bhavana.
Disregarded commission’s advice
We know that he has gone against the advice of the National Police Commission when he taught them meditation, even though police do not know many essential things such as the laws of the country, criminal law and human rights. The IGP is above the NPC and disregards its instructions.
Subject minister Sagala Ratnayake merely looks on as the IGP does what he wants. Nothing can be done as the IGP rules the country.
IGP’s commission on leaked video 
The IGP has appointed a commission headed by DIG Colombo Pathinayake to find out how a video has leaked to the media that shows his assaulting the elevator operator at police headquarters Samarakoon Banda, now retired, over a meditation issue. Jayasundara suspects that one among the senior DIGs S.M. Wickremasinghe, Ravi Seneviratne, Ravi Vidyalankara and Chandana Wickremaratne has given the video to the media. These officers as well as other officers on duty on the day of the incident should appear before the commission. Even this commission has been appointed without the knowledge of the NPC.
Also, he has appointed a police team to video and to take photographs of everything he does. Nobody knows the purpose of this act. But, that team videoed the remark by Jayasundara that the video was leaked to the media by Mangala. That video is with minister Ratnayake now. If he wants, Jayasundara can appoint another commission to find out the person who had leaked that video. Lanka News Web is in possession of a copy of the said video, which we are ready to publish at the appropriate time.
Lying and getting caught over ‘doctored pictures
Meanwhile, Jayasundara has told president Maithripala Sirisena that websites had doctored the pictures published by us showing him together with notorious character Karaoke Wasantha. If that is to be true, it should also be accepted that those websites were behind the posting of those pictures in the personal facebook page of Karaoke Wasantha. Mr. IGP, when you lie, at least try to lie without getting caught.
Senior officers in the 150 year old police department say that Jayasundara had destroyed their department within a year.
LNW wants to stress another thing – we are prepared for a public debate if the IGP refutes what we say. What we want is to see that the wrongs are corrected. We don’t have anything personal against him.
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