How Priyath Bandu’s retired father became a multimillionaire

The CID got to know that the father of Priyath Bandu Wickrama, who has turned to farming after retiring as a teacher, has bought several properties worth Rs. 81 million.

The CID questioned him and found that he was unaware of anything. The former Ports Authority chairman had spent the money he had ill-gotten during the Rajapaksa regime to buy properties even to the name of his father.

Even then, he acquired many properties. But, he has failed to declare how he earned the money that went to buy them. He bought a plot of land, no. 11, at Morawitiya Road, Madinnagoda, Rajagiriya, for Rs. 20 million. He spent Rs. 70 million on the house which is built there. When questioned by the CID, Priyath has said that he received they money from a Chinese by the name Hun Shankavo. Investigating, the CID found that Chinese to be a bankrupt businessman who has fallen to the level of having to do menial jobs in Sri Lanka.

Priyath cannot say how he earned the money to buy no. 420, Delgahawatte at Nawala Road, a 31 perch land, for Rs. 80 million through Vismo company, where he is a director.

There is more to come.

After investigating all these, the CID sent the file CR1 271/15 to the Attorney General’s Department on 05 May 2015, and made submissions to the magistrate’s court under B/22648/1/15. Also, a file has been referred to the Bribery Commission. But, Priyath remains a free man.

The Bribery Commission has become fully inoperative now. Under its new director general, the commission does Bodhi Poojas only. A powerful politician should influence for a CID file to stagnate for 18 months now. Just like Sajin Vaas Gunawardena says, Priyath too, says he has been able to ‘balance’ the AG’s Dept. Persons like them do not face the law in a country where cases are filed for stealing three mangoes.

No one in the government that came power with a promise to catch all the thieves, talks about the thieves now.

Await details of how Priyath Bandu Wickrama stole money from the ship ‘Cormorant’.

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