Mr. president, Mr. prime minister, when will this madness end ?
Lanka News Web reported the IGP’s summoning of all police officers of Anuradhapura division to Mahamevna Uyana at 5.30 am on the 11th under the title ‘Why a police commission ?’ 
At 2.30 pm on the same day, the IGP summoned OICs, crimes OICs, ASPs and other officers of north western province to a lecture at Kurunegala Town Hall. However, he arrived there only at 5.30 pm and went on with his lecture until 11.30 pm, which mainly comprised explaining the various methods of meditation. He may be trying to eliminate crime through meditation.
Anyway, from afternoon until midnight on that day, police stations in the entire province had been manned by reserve policemen only, and all responsible officers had to attend the IGP’s lecture. Had a serious vehicle accident or a murder taken place during that period, no responsible officer would have been there to take decisions.
According to reports, he gives priority to Kurunegala in all his programmes as he intends contesting from that area at a future election.
An officer who arrived from Anamaduwa and Chilaw would have had to leave his station at least around 11.00 am that day. He would have returned only around 2.00 am the following day. He would not have any time left to have some sleep to prepare him for the next day’s duties. His entire weekend would have been ruined due to a useless lecture by the IGP.
Officers have no time left to do their duties when their chief summons them for various useless programmes. Their productivity suffers. The question is how the law can prevail in the country when the police chief goes on with his madness in this manner?
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