SLFP gets ready for a solo government – UNP in dismay

In the midst of political crisis and unpopular negotiations, SLFP is ready to go for a solo government.

A minimum of 113 seats has to be shown in the parliament for a clear majority and SLFP already has 117 MP's in their hand, informed sources say. 

It is clear that none other than Deputy Speaker Thilanga Sumathipala and Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara are brokering the deal. Joint Opposition has already confirmed their support towards SLFP. Champika Ranawaka, Ven. Athuraliye Rathana and certain Muslim MP's are ready to offer their support for a SLFP majority government. 

In this situation, Nimal Siripala de Silva will be next Prime Minister most probably.  

Discussions at Kabir's home
The immediate aftermath of this crisis was a sudden meeting that took place in Minister Kabir Hashim's house. It was reported 18 UNP MP's hold a special discussion yesterday (14) night.   

Sajith says 'No'
When the issue of next UNP leader arises during the meeting, the name of Sajith Premadasa came up. But Sajith who was among the participants has firmly refused it convincing that this is not the right time to take over the party. "Better to continue the way it is.. My full support is for Ranil Wickramasaighe leadership". He has further added. 

Midnight talks between Prez. and PM
In the meantime a midnight meeting was held yesterday (14) between PM Ranil and President Sirisena. The President has informed Ranil that he already has the support of 117 PM's in the parliament. "We will show up 117 before 12 pm Friday. What is your plan now?" The president has asked PM Ranil. Answering that question Ranil has very calmly said, ''No problem at all. If you show 117 seats are in favour for you, i will show you what is my next move" 

No positions till 2020!
In the meantime, LNW learned that JO MP's offer their support to SLFP with a prior condition. Accordingly, they will not accept any positions other than offering their support for a SLFP government.

'Unhappy Duminda'
It is clearly evidenced that new negotiations have made Duminda feel uneasy, who was a leading crafter of Alliance government 3 years ago. Minister Dumunda with 10 other strong SLFP parliamentarians has already protested towards negotiations of SLFP with JO.  

Basil's silence
It seems like the national organizer of SLPP Basil Rajapaksha is not a part of this any of negotiations so far. 

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