PM should correct himself at least now - President

It is reported that the President specifically stated to the UNP senior politicians who have met him today that ''Ranil has failed everything. But for the sake of Yahapalana Government i have given him an extension.. If he fails to deliver again with radical reforms there is no option otherthan to remove him." 

It seemed like the President was determined to get rid of the Prime Minister. On all accounts simply put he had enough with him, his arrogance, not showing any respect for the presidency, ruining the governments’s credibility at the grassroots and surrounding himself with his friends who have been total failures not once but three times.

Starting with Ratwatte, Paskeralingem and Rathnayake. They stonewalled all the decisions and made the Prime Minister unpopular. The Prime Minister had to fight a battle of his own and was brought to his knees. Hope at least now he will learn and do something good for the country. His aristocracy is only good for the books. He needs to do something worthwhile at least now. His meetings with the SLFP must be business like and he must ensure the promises he makes are followed through.

Also he needs to have a one stop shop at the PM s office to help the party members and business community. The President is going to come down hard on him next time. It is very clear now that no one can save the Prime Minister other than himself.

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