Cabinet reshuffle put off!

The cabinet reshuffle due for today (21) has been put off by several days, most likely until next week, say political sources.

The president has agreed to continue with the ‘yahapaalana’ government, but attempts to remove Ranil Wickremesinghe from the premiership are still ongoing. 

The president is due to receive on Friday the Supreme Court’s interpretations on the removal of the PM. Until then, the cabinet reshuffle has been  placed on hold.

As per the 19th amendment, only parliament can remove the PM with a two-third majority. That is unlikely in the present parliament. However, the president has the powers to takeover ministries or to remove the entire cabinet.

With the political impasse that followed the local government polls, the society is perplexed by the developments as being reported by the media. Both the UNP and the SLFP are still trying to form their own governments. Based on what our political correspondents report to us, what will happen in the future is uncertain.

Reports say a gazette has been prepared to remove the cabinet and the president could sign it anytime. If that happens, the country will fall deep into anarchy. What will happen will come as unexpected.

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