Rajapaksas’ plot to implicate Fonseka in Lasantha murder

At yesterday’s (25) cabinet reshuffle, PM Ranil Wickremesinghe took oaths as the law and order minister, but that is said to be only temporary.

As we reported previously, Sarath Fonseka will be sworn in as the law and order minister. A conspiracy is still on by the Rajapaksas as well as several former and serving military officers to prevent that from taking place, as they know that he would revive the suspended investigations into murders, fraud, corruption, abductions etc. that took place during the previous regime.

Top officials of the armed forces and the police met the president and the PM and spoke against Fonseka being given the ministry. Especially those accused of the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunga have become worried. The then commander for the western region Maj. Gen. Amal Karunasekara is implicated in the killing. Those who try to get Fonseka blamed too, say it was him who had appointed Karunasekara to the position. However, Fonseka cannot be held responsible for every act by Karunasekara, merely because he appointed him. Karunasekara acted on the direct instructions of the then defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who did not care if the military hierarchy was made aware of what was happening.

Gotabhaya got Karunasekara appointed as the ambassador to Eretria, a country closely connected to the LTTE which bought light aircraft from that country. After his connection to the Lasantha killing became known, he was recalled in 2012 as part of a campaign to save those responsible. He had given the then IGP Mahinda Balasuriya the details of those responsible.

The then state intelligence chief DIG C.N. Wagista was in charge of the murder investigation. The government and the police kept silent despite the identities of the killers became known. At the court proceedings, police intentionally avoided submitting evidence that resulted in the accused of being released.

In 2016, eyewitnesses to the Lasantha murder identified Army intelligence member Sergeant Major Udalagama at an identification parade. Now, all those connected to the incident have become worried. They should have been behind bars by now had the ministers in charge of the judiciary and the police worked according to the mandate gave by the people in 2015. The criminals struck deals with the rulers and remained free. But, they know that that will not be possible with a person like Fonseka. That is why they are trying to prevent his appointment as the law and order minister.

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