Save the Govt. by removing Paskeralingem from Chairing OCEM

The conflict within the SLFP and UNP is all to do about transperency in contracts and freedom to decide on contracts. 

A Cabinet Minister in frustration told us that “Who the hell is this Paski to dictate to a Cabinet Minister. We are elected by the people not by this man Paskeralingem who can’t hardly speak clearly without stammering”. 

Another Cabinet Minister of the SLFP told us “If this government is to be saved all the hated officials like Paskaralingem, Ratwatte must go. 

It is not the Prime Minister who is a problem but these jobless people who have come out of retirement to feather their nest once again”. 

Government Officials must take responsibility and run the administration. If this government is to run its full term according to observers.

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