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Restaurant owners deny serving milk tea in objection to milk powder price surge

The selling of milk tea to customers will be ceased from midnight today (30) in objection to the Rs. 60 price surge on milk powder, the All Ceylon Restaurant Owners Association told media.

Union Chief and Consumer Rights Activist Asela Sampath emphasised that the offering of milk tea will have to be stopped in the event that the price of a cup of milk tea will be soared up to Rs. 80 along with the milk powder price surge, a position unbearable to both the customer and the restaurant owner.

The situation has worsened in the event that plastic cups are used instead of glass cups at a cost of about Rs. 06 – 07 per cup, hence the salaries entitled to the workers, he noted, reminding that milk tea could no longer be served in restaurants as sales had fallen due to the soaring prices.

In any event had a customer asked for milk tea, the price will have to be quoted and milk tea be served, Sampath went on, revealing that milk tea will be served meeting the usual price surge only in restaurants maintained by the hospital scheme.

The Union Chief added that the companies have orchestrated a milk powder shortage in the market in a bid to soar the prices and that there is no point of increasing the prices in restaurants as well.


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