Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Hunger rate among school children reveals sudden spike

The number of children attending schools without breakfast has indicated a sudden spike, disclosed the Sri Lanka Association of Professional Principals. Due to the prevailing economic crisis, parents have not been able to provide adequate meals to their children, said Union President Sujeewa Wimalaratne.

Revealing that school-based nutrition programmes have been stalled without progress, the Union President added that it has become a serious obstacle to the education of children.

Despite the usual limited number of children attending schools with hunger, the figure has submitted itself to a sudden spike, Wimalaratne went on, adding that they learned from the students who faint and fall during morning assemblies that many of them come to school without having their breakfast.

He emphasised that the prices of school equipment including uniforms, shoes and books have increased more than twice the usual prices and that parents are unable to save enough money to fill their children’s stomachs after covering such expenses.


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