Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Opposition Leader demands stepping down of President and Prime Minister (VIDEO)

This country cannot be built under this President or Prime Minister and it is being driven towards darkness instead of light and therefore the people should be allowed to form a new government.

The above sentiment was made by Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa speaking in Parliament yesterday (04).

The Opposition Leader demanded that a date be given for the no-confidence motion very soon and requested that a Deputy Speaker be appointed immediately. Addressing those who applauded when talking about a ‘fair tax policy’, Premadasa reminded that the same members had also applauded when the government had provided tax relief to the millionaires in its coming to power.

He went on saying that the stolen money should be reclaimed from the ‘Pandora’ scammers and that the state of welfare shall not be attacked. Premadasa also condemned the government’s interpretation of the 2015 regime’s actions on increasing public servants’ salary by Rs. 10,000 being wrong, pointing out that the state did not lose its revenue by such an action.

The SJB Leader also noted that his party is not willing to accept any crowns but standing with the people for a programme that builds the country.


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