Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Steps taken to direct the general public to indigenous medical treatments and remedies due to the shortage of medicines

An expert meeting was held at the Navinna National Institute of Indigenous Medicine yesterday (03) to examine the urgent measures that can be taken to improve the health of the people through indigenous medical treatments due to the shortage of drugs.

It was led by Sisira Jayakody, Attorney-at-Law, State Minister of Indigenous Medicine.

There, in the face of the shortage of medicines, indigenous medical treatments can be taken to make people more prone to successful treatments, to make the people healthier through treatments including ancient handicrafts, and to secure the lives of the people in the future by bringing the people closer to the local doctors who are uniquely capable of specific diseases. It is said that a number of decisions have been taken regarding the action.

Following is the statement issued by the Government Information Department in this regard.

This will be a good message to the people of the country about what will happen in the future. During the last covid epidemic, the Minister also tried to promote various local medicines, including ‘Dhammika Paniya’, which eventually proved to have no scientific basis.

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