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Rajitha explains SJB’s approach to resolve the crisis

Samagi Jana Balawegaya today (07) announced that it has agreed to take action on the resolution of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka to resolve the current political and economic crisis in the country.

However, no further details were released at the press conference.

Therefore, Lanka News Web contacted Rajitha Senaratne, a Member of Parliament for the party, to find out about this further.

He said;

“Special leadership is needed in a crisis. Accordingly, when there is a crisis, we must come forward to give our solution to it. Our aim is to manage the current situation and give the best to the country. On the other hand, if we do not come forward at this time, the trust placed in us by the people will be shattered.

Accordingly, we came to an agreement to implement the solution of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka with 13 proposals. The 20th Amendment will be removed first and the 19th Amendment will be re-enacted. Next, action will be taken to abolish the executive presidency which has been a demand of the country for a long time.
Meanwhile, a national government with all parties will be formed, with a 15-member cabinet. The Bar Association has proposed that this entire program be completed within a maximum of 18 months. In fact, the Bar Association is the best party we can accept as an independent party in the country at the moment. We decided to accept their proposal.

We know there is a huge trouble here, including the composition of this Parliament. The cancer patients in this country are now running out of medicine, and adults and children are running out of medicine. We are still trying to find them. Then comes the food crisis; So what is the use of our politics if we do not take action to save the people from this catastrophe at this moment?

Also, there is not only the resolution of political issues but also a serious economic crisis. We have worked hard in the past to find solutions to deal with it. Therefore, we are coming together to form this government of national unity with a basic step in hand to face the economic crisis.

Accordingly, we have already reached discussions with the relevant parties and reached some agreements to obtain US $ 5 billion. We have also developed a program to talk to international rating agencies and resolve those issues. This will enable us to provide our people with the essential raw materials for food, medicine and industry, to capture this country without collapsing, and in the meanwhile to take the necessary steps to resolve the remaining issues and move forward. Accordingly, we undertake this work with good self-confidence and with good preparation. We can face this crisis and recover as a country ”

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