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Food Riots Soon in Sri Lanka

General public is starving at present due to economic crisis and some manage two meals and some one.

When a person is hungry for two to three days, he is not worried or bothered of his status.

When children are starving, he will not be fearing even to face death as hunger takes priority over bullet.

This I’m stating with my personal experiences gained in the battle field.
By June 2022, Government will not have money to pay for public servants including pensioneers unless print money.

With the new gazette issued by Finance Minister on the instructions of Central Bank Governor yesterday, prohibiting the clearance of imported containers at the custom after 20 th of may 2022 unless payment has done through a bank, will wipe out construction and many more industries depriving hundreds of thousands of employments.

This situation will result in majority of the people having no means of purchasing even basic food other than robbing.

At this time, people will start food riots and break open food stores island wide.

Under these circumstances, people will be neither scared nor bothered of law enforcing authority resulting police and armed forces may not be able to maintain law and order and discipline in the society.

We will be then facing similar situation like in Haiti or South Sudan where no rule of law exist.

Time left for Sri Lanka is only one month.


  1. As per wish and will of the majority of citizens, President, prime minister and cabinet must resign within few days.
  2. Interim Government cannot solve the economic crisis faced at present unless we find 5 billion USD.
    No theory or policy will work unless you find USD.
  3. Seven member intellectual council (non political) to govern the country until election is held.
    No money is no answer. Can even print money or cancel highway construction to find money for election.
    Otherwise even VAIMA cannot rescue our motherland going from bankruptcy to totally failed state.

    General Dr Boniface Perera PhD
    International Researcher and International writer.

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