Friday, December 9, 2022

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Despite the increase in prices, the shortage of milk powder will continue – importers

The Milk Powder Importers Association says that despite the increase in the price of milk powder, the shortage of milk powder in the market will remain at a certain level.

Now here are two points. The main reason for the price increase is that we have to import at the new price, we have a competitive position in the world market. But the problems of importing milk powder have to be solved in the future. The problem here is that there is a delay in the issuance of letters of credit by the banks due to the shortage of dollars. That problem must be solved in the future. Only then will this supply be continuous. So until then, there could be a problem. The increase in the price of milk powder is due to the global market trend, but there is still difficulty in importing milk powder. That means milk powder is being imported, but the quantity is not enough. It is difficult to get the required quantity because of the dollar problem. ”

This was stated by the Media Spokesman of the Milk Powder Importers Association Ashoka Bandara.

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