Friday, July 1, 2022

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Helicopter Travels a Parliamentary Privilege too?

Who authorised Helicopter tours to former Prime Minister and his family to travel spending Taxpayers Money? Entire nation is suffering without Fuel and many deaths were reported in queues and severe unrest in the island with our fuel.

Tankers are waiting in our waters accumulating demurrages since the Government does not have Dollars to pay for those to unload fuel, whilst the former Strongman along with his big family enjoys helicopter travels.

Residents living adjacent to the Ratmalana Airport are complaining that there is an increase in Air traffic (Helicopters), seems that many rejected Politicos are using them to travel around since they cannot travel by road, after igniting the violence  on the 9th of May.

Resigned Prime Minister with his family was packed off to Trincomalee in an Air Force Helicopter. Again he has come out of his hiding direct to the Parliament with his son brought back to Colombo by a Helicopter.

Who is authorising these wasteful trips?

Gossip says it is the Air Force Commander who instruct and approves all these trips for this strongman, after all this may be his showing of gratitude for approving him a Brand new Defender worth over Rs. 100M.

During Prime Minister’s last tenure as president prior to 2015 also they left SLAF an unpaid Helicopter travel bill running to Millions of Rupees. These rascals are wasting and enjoying with poor tax payers money and depriving the nation of their basic needs.

Whoever authorising these trips should know that they are violating the basic fundamental and human rights of the island nation and they shall be brought to justice and country must recover the cost from their personal wealth.No politician shall be given an Air lift unless they pay for those before a trip

Concerned Citizen

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