Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Notorious SLTDA Chairwoman Kimarli Fernando webs new Tourism Minister!

Kimarli Fernando, the Chairwoman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) aka the notorious daughter-in-law of the Dilmah mogul has once again proven to be the worst head in a state-run body in her latest act at the Office of the newly sworn in Tourism and Land Minister, Harin Fernando.

Following the SJB MP’s shocking swearing in as a Cabinet Minister in the current regime, Fernando the SLTDA Chairwoman made an unannounced visit to her new political authority on the date (May 20) itself.

Kimarli, who is unanimously condemned by the business community of Sri Lanka and more recently the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce over her notorious conduct of misusing public funds in her nepotism whilst being an accused for contempt of court, was seen to have lingered in the ministerial office for no reason, depicting no embarrassment over her uninvited arrival.   

The SLTDA Chairwoman made everyone in the Ministry uncomfortable by her unannounced visit without a reason and unwillingness to leave, our correspondent revealed.

Harin Fernando the new Tourism and Land Minister told her he would like to have a discussion with her on Monday after talking to his new team. Kimarli, however, was seen still in her presence unwilling to leave the building, demonstrating a rather unprofessional behaviour towards her political authority.

Given her history of unlawful land acquisition and being politically privileged, Kimarli Fernando never saw herself as a person committing unpleasantries but someone craving for advantage of the moment. Her unpleasantness as a public servant has always been seen by those outside and more accurately, those oppressed due to her unlawful conducts.

Nonetheless, we hesitate to believe that Kimarli should be despised by those around her at this gravity. Notwithstanding her scandals, as the daughter of G.C. Wickramasinghe, one of the best and most reputed former directors of Aitken Spence, Fernando should be given a chance to cleanse herself and still be truthful to her title as the SLTDA Chairwoman.

Kimarli should act professional now, without scarring her father’s name, without abusing the privilege of being a woman, and without insulting all the women who hold top positions in the state-run bodies of the country.

Her era of lawlessness and power abuse including the acquisition of a land rich of biodiversity, one worth millions of rupees and owning a tiger-sightseeing rock, to serve her nepotism must end at some point.

Dear Honourable Minister Harin Fernando, you should also be cautious of people like Kimarli who abuse power upon being bestowed a government title. It will be healthy to keep your title as the new Tourism and Land Minister in the long run as well.

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