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Wearing of Military Awards With Civilian Clothes

It is permissible for veterans and retirees to wear military awards on civilian clothes for gatherings of a military theme. On significant holidays, veterans and retirees are encouraged to wear their awards and medals. The choice of either full-size medal or miniature is an individual one.

Retirees and veterans can wear all categories of medals on appropriate civilian clothing. This includes clothes designed for veteran and patriotic organizations. The medals may be worn on:

Veterans Day
Memorial Day
Armed Forces Day
formal occasions of ceremony
social functions of a military nature

Personnel may wear either full-sized or miniature medals. Personnel who wear medals on civilian clothes should place the medals on the clothing in approximately the same location and in the same manner as for the uniform, so they look similar to medals worn on the uniform.

Army Decorations

Army Regulation 670-1, paragraph 30-6, says that former members of the Army reserves, or may wear medals on “appropriate” civilian clothing on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Armed Forces Day, as well as at “formal occasions of ceremony and social functions of a military nature.” Appropriate civilian clothes include clothes designed for veteran and patriotic organizations.You should place the medals and decorations in approximately the same location and in the same manner as for the Army uniform, so they look similar to medals worn on the Army uniform.

Unfortunately not many who know educated and intellectual enough with common sense to know why General Gunarathna wore his well earned medals with a full suit. Remember one thing my friends General Gunaratna earned his medals as a Patriot with Honour – Valour – Pride in the deadly battle fields of Sri Lanka. A bloody scary war which dragged for 30 years and finally won. We all are enjoying and have taken to granted the freedom that they have sacrificed there life with. You lot who made this ignorant and silly comments I don’t even think you lot would have even being born during that time to know how fearful and scary this war was. What have you lot and I have done for the country. Mmmm very questionable. Any how we all learn and are yet learning. Before making any remarks or posts please do some research. Respect you all brothers. I don’t take sides or belongs to any political party. But we should always convey respect to the ones who deserve and who have gained. Don’t take this comment as a insult its a constructive criticism for us to learn and move forward.

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