Friday, July 1, 2022

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Witchcraft practitioner ‘Gnanakka’ says she has never benefitted from politicians

Sri Lankan witchcraft practitioner Gnanawathi Jayasuriya aka ‘Gnana Meniyo’ or ‘Gnanakka’ calling in what it appeared to be her very first press conference yesterday (22) said she has never benefitted from politicians, nor has she ever gained a single rupee from them.

Jayasuriya, who claims herself to be gifted with the possession of Goddess Paththini, a Hindu deity, denied the allegations levelled against her involving leaders of the government.

“People who come to me – I am very happy on one hand – talk in a wonderful way, saying that they will build a new house for me and not to worry. Those who called me were not those engaged in politics, but the innocent people who come to me. I am a mother who strongly stood up, no matter what people say. Have I ever gained a single rupee from any politician, I am ready to submit myself before any law. I have never benefitted from any politician. May they be brought before me and questioned, I have never. Nor do I need such a thing. I am a human who stood up with much effort,” she said.

Contradictory to her denial on the allegation of having affairs with high-profile political figures in the country, Jayasuriya did acknowledge that politicians pay occasional visits to her monastery for spiritual advice and that she ‘does not‘ remember what she had talked with the politicians she had encountered, for the talks always carried out between the Goddess herself and the politicians.

Jayasuriya’s high-level political affiliations have recently been exposed to media and the unrest provoked by the May 09 assault also led to the burning of her house.


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