Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Crisis cannot be overcome by politicising solutions to economic hassles

The economic hassles must be answered with economic solutions and no politicised solutions can ever overcome the prevailing crisis, emphasised Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Dr. Harsha De Silva, speaking to a briefing held in the Opposition Leader’s Office yesterday (02).

“On December 01, 2019, I think, taxes were cut from the Treasury in large sums without any insight based on an order by the Presidential Secretariat. We warned that a government revenue of about Rs. 500 billion could be lost; lost even more than that, as predicted. Now they say that they are keeping the interest rate at 06 per cent and the Forex rate at 200. When this finally blasts, no pieces will ever be found.

The Central Bank should be held accountable for whether the existing inflation turns into a hyperinflation. In such an event, answers cannot be orchestrated. Sometimes, the solutions to these economic problems are bitter. But there are ways in this world on how we can overcome such difficult and complex problems. Almost every other country has overcome, alas, we are the only ones who are stuck. The decisions taken for economic hassles should be of economic solutions. We cannot overcome by politicising them. I said in November, 2020 about what was going to happen. It has now happened exactly the way I said it. May those who ‘know everything’ in the government do what should be done.”


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