Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Wearing red doesn’t make you JVP, Party responds to allegations surrounding May 09 unrest (VIDEO)

Many parties are trying to attribute all the violence that took place on May 09 to the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), said JVP former MP Sunil Handunnetti. The former MP pointed out that not only members of the JVP but members of all political parties were present at the event of violence that day as well.

In the backdrop, it is not fair to put everything on the account of only one party, Handunnetti emphasised, speaking to reporters after visiting the Inspector General of Police (IGP) today (23).

Stressing that wearing red does not make someone a JVPer, Handunnetti added that those who put the blame on their party does not understand this simple reality.

The former CoPE Committee Chief also assured full corporation with the ongoing investigations pertaining to the violent events on May 09, adding that the IGP has been informed in this regard as well.

Speaking to reporters, JVP/NPP MP Vijitha Herath noted that only a few suspects among the arrestees in connection with the violent events are recognised to have been members of the JVP, adding that a majority of the arrestees being members of other political parties proves that the JVP has no direct involvement in the events.

The matter has also been informed to the IGP, MP Herath further revealed.


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