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Susil Premajayantha blatantly attacks subject ministers over the commodity price hike (VIDEO)

State Minister of Education Reforms, Open Universities and Distance Learning Promotion Susil Premajayantha upon his visit to the Delkanda Market yesterday (02) made a blatant comment with the media against the ministers and other bodies responsible for the commodity and vegetable price hike.

The Agriculture Minister has failed in his objectives, Premajayantha pointed out, revealing that despite the presence of people like himself in the government, the decisions are being taken by someone else.

“Accurate decisions could have been taken. But now it is too late. Now the decisions are being taken by people elsewhere. How would the farmers grow their crops if they have no pesticides and fertiliser?” he questioned.

The Minister added: “Sri Lanka’s Agriculture had not been destroyed at this gravity even during foreign invasions. In my opinion, if they cannot do this, they should be handing it over to those who can.”


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