Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Harsha de Silva for Finance Minister

For the last two months we have seen many social media posters of Harsha for finance minister, Harsha for Prime Minister and now for acting president? Is Harsha de Silva so special? There is no other person than Harsha de Silva? What is his background? What is his experience ?

He has a PhD in economics , worked at DFCC Bank, then ran a research company with his wife and sold it . Then was a consultant. He joined the UNP. The current Prime Minister appointed him to Parliament. His last job was state minister of economic reforms. What were his notable achievements? We like to hear? Please beyond statements, projects public benefited other than the ambulance service ?

Certainly he has the back ground to lead a ministry like finance . When you compare him to the last two finance ministers Basil Rajapakse and Mahinda Rajapaksa, he is certainly a giant. But there are several other people. Notably,  London School of Economics graduate and a former Royal College opening batsman Eran Wickramarathne is far better suited according to several observers , having been a former state minister of finance. A top banking professional having worked at NDB, ABN Amro, he was a CEO of a commercial bank earning a six figure salary when he left to join parliament. In the current crisis of debt restructuring and a banking crisis he makes a far better candidate than Harsha de silva. There is also Champaka Ranawake though not finance or economics professional. He is a brilliant product of Moratuwa University. 

It is only the top students who enter this university, There is also Sajith Premadasa, therefore talking theory is one, doing and getting results is another. We do not wish to get into analyzing Harsha de Silva’s statements. All 225 politicians are seen today as jokers by the public. So instead of making statements just to get his picture in the media. It is best to help the country in this huge crisis or shut up with out frightening the International community to stop funding the humanitarian programs.

Because whilst the politicians play their games for sound bites, the petrol queues are getting longer and longer .  People are not fortunate like the MPs to get their fuel outside the main system. Together we can come out of this crisis. Or will perish for ever, ruining the lives of the young generation and those not born.


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