Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Basil obstructing the 21st Amendment

The ousted Finance minister Basil Rajapakse has mounted a massive campaign to prevent the 21 st amendment seeing the light of day. His mouth piece Sagara Kariyawasam who blindly supports the disposed former minister, who is largely responsible for destroying his once popular brother Mahinda Rajapakse and their family name, does all the speaking on behalf of Basil Rajapakse .  

Basil must know that the IMF managing director kristalina has gone on record,  something top global Diplomats won’t do by clearly pinning the economic crisis on mismanagement of the Rajapakses. What more?Basil Rajapakse was the finance minister. Until he was forced out few weeks ago. Basil must know the next time people get on to the streets neither he or his family members will be able to stay in Sri Lanka.

They will be driven away from Sri Lanka. He must count his lucky stars that he did not have to run away like Mahinda Rajapakse and hide. Basil according to sources has launched a protests campaign against PM Ranil Wickramasinghe who is fully committed to usher in the changes to the executive presidency and abolish the 20 th amendment. If Basil has an iota of intelligence he will go to the USA whilst the environment has got better for him to come out in public .

Without further risking the ire of the public. His attempt to undermine the government will destroy the economy that has already been destroyed by the likes of him and PB Jayasundara. Basil Rajapakse may think that the Sri Lankan public is stupid for him to continue to play his game.

He is certainly risking what ever little that is left of the Rajapakses and the country. He will never be forgiven if he destroys the last ounce of the economy in the name power and greed. He will not be able to even hide in the USA.


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