Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Opposition Leader explains why he did not take over government (VIDEO)

The supreme power of the country is in the hands of the people and that there was a government and a president with a mandate in parliament, but the mandate given to them then is not there today due to the occurrence of a political distortion, said Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa, addressing the opening ceremony of the office of Ananda Abeywickrama, organiser of the Ambalangoda Electoerate of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya yesterday (04).

Addressing the occasion, the Opposition Leader noted that the people today demand the abolition of the Executive Presidency as well as the Rajapaksas themselves.

In the backdrop, it would not be possible to form a government with the same Rajapaksas, Premadasa went on, adding that what he did was based on what the people want. The country has to suffer the consequences of the positions that some have taken over by telling lies, such as the lie of having five-six billion dollars in their hands, he noted.

• Witnesses of severe cases are being assassinated!

On one hand, the country is falling into an abyss day by day, and on another, the culture of murder has begun across the land, Premadasa warned, adding that recently even a king coconut trader has been murdered. Accordingly, witnesses to severe cases are being assassinated, begging the question where is national security, he pointed out.

• Critics of diplomatic relations slapped in the face by Russia!

There is a turmoil awaken on an international level due to a Russian flight being kept in Sri Lanka via an order by the Commercial High Court, leading to much bigger problems, Premadasa emphasised. A matter that could have been solved on diplomatic level has grown into a huge problem, he added. Critics so vocal about diplomatic relations have worsen the situation and as a result there is a risk of losing tourists arriving in the island and the market for Sri Lankan tea, the Opposition Leader pointed out.

Premadasa questioned why the President, the Prime Minister or the Foreign Affairs Minister fail to understand the severity of this problem, and how would a team so incapable as such build this country?

• SJB takes no part in the game of ‘Both Parties Are The Same’!

The Opposition Leader further noted that the SJB takes no part in the game of ‘Both Parties Are The Same,’ where power was being taken over between two political mainstreams, as suggested by some people. The SJB is carrying out a massive public service and social service on a scale never seen before by any other opposition in history, Premadasas went on, adding that his Party is carrying out a number of social services such as the ‘Samagi Jana Balawegayen Husmak’ initiative, the ‘Sakwala’ initiative, and the distribution of vehicles to schools.


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