Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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A humble request to all local and overseas donors..

In the absence of soluble insulin administered to pregnant women diagnosed for diabetes at the Castle Street Hospital, Colombo a humble request is made to all donors local and overseas for stock supply.

Consultant Dr. Saman Kumara made an open request on behalf of the hospital to all kind donors calling for soluble insulin, revealing the hospital’s requirement of 300 insulin vials for the next two months.

The absence of insulin has raised a big problem in the hospital making the staff vulnerable to treat pregnant women diagnosed for the disease.

Diabetes can sometimes occur in mothers early or as a result of pregnancy, and it is vital to treat them with the required dosages, Dr. Kumara emphasised, adding that failure to administration could be very harmful to both the mother and the baby and urged all donors to help these mothers get soluble insulin they need.

“I want to make a humble request to kind donors. If you can help us, this is available in the country, there are local agents which we can share with the details. If you can come forward and help us by donating soluble insulin to the hospital, that will save lives. Because diabetes, if not treated, could be very dangerous for the mothers as well as for the baby. So your donation will be life-saving for the mother and the baby,” he pointed out.

The Castle Street Hospital is currently the biggest maternity hospital in Sri Lanka, close to one thousand babies born every month.


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