Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Govt plots with ADANI to collect unlawful profits via wind power! (VIDEO)

All employees of the Ceylon Electricity (CEB) are preparing to step down from their duties from 12 am midnight today in objection to the proposed Electricity Amendment Act and taken trade union action.

Should the government fail to take over the system by 12 am midnight, all electrical workers will leave the service without damaging the machinery of the system, the trade union members said, revealing that the power supply, accordingly, could be cut off at around 8 am tomorrow (09).

Calling in a briefing by all trade unions responding to the CEB today (08), Chairman of the Electrical Engineers’ Association Anil Ranjith divulged that the proposed amended bill deprives the opportunity to purchase power for a competitive price by paving the way for the government to allow any party they favour purchase power for any desired price.

This at all aspects would be a severe injustice to the public, he noted.

Meanwhile, the proposed 500 MW wind power project in Mannar, Poonaryn and other areas is to be handed over to the Indian Power Giant ADANI at a cost of US $ 7.55 cents, raising suspicions given that the production cost of the 100 MV Thambapavani power plant built by the CEB is less than $ 4 cents, Ranjith noted, suggesting that the production cost could have been slashed instead of handing the project over to ADANI at a higher price.

The Union chief also begged the question why the previous price declared by ADANI, US $ 6.50 cents, suddenly changed to US $ 7.55 cents.

Due to the government’s actions of directly handing over the wind power plant project to ADANI, the local investors, who bid lower prices, have been deprived of the opportunity to come forward, Ranjith noted, proposing that an attempt is being made to earn unlawful profits together with the Indian company.


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