Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Entire workers’ pool at LITRO wants Muditha Peiris back!

The entire workers’ pool at the LITRO Gas Company wishes the return of Muditha Peiris as its Chairman, said Programmes and Advertising Manager Piyal Colombahettige, speaking to a briefing yesterday (12).

“By now we have learned that the Prime Minister and Mr. Sagala Ratnayake have proposed a name Muditha Peiris is the leader who handed over the company to those [former] chairmen with a savings of Rs. 20 billion in 2019. Mr. Muditha Peiris who, as far as I know, was the person who managed the company well by generating revenue to the government and serving the people of the country. During his tenure, the shipping and insurance charges were only US $136 per tonne. He slashed it to US $48. He sold gas for Rs. 1396. Arguments can be made based on exchange rates, but in those days gas was sold for Rs. 1396. Not only that, he handed over Rs. 50 billion to the Treasury and saved Rs. 21 billion.

So, we felt freshened up as Mr. Muditha Peiris’s name was nominated. As per my knowledge, the entire workers’ pool of LITRO is expecting his arrival. Because in the end, Peiris was the only person who took dividends from the four former chairmen and saved money for the country. Not only that, remember, during Mr. Muditha Peiris’s tenure, we, the LITRO Gas Company, were able to aid 1000 schools in Sri Lanka. He built 1000 labs, aided 150 monastery schools.

He was able to supply a gas cooker with accessories for free per every purchase of cylinder for two hundred and fifty thousand people who could not initially afford gas consumption in Sri Lanka. He increased the gas market in Sri Lanka up to two million. He had a good vision about eradicating respiratory difficulties. He felt the need of improving the quality of life of people by visiting every village. Therefore, we urge the Prime Minister and the other authorities to bring him back. It is not too late. We are ready to welcome him.”


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