Sunday, February 5, 2023

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Heated exchange between Dudley and Mithrapala over Rice Control Price (VIDEO)

A heated exchange has occurred between Dudley Sirisena and Owner of the New Ratna Sahal Rice Company Mithrapala during a briefing held on the rice control price yesterday (22).

The heated exchange has occurred due to the comment made by the New Ratna Sahal Owner saying that Nadu rice cannot be sold for the control price declared by the government and that its price should be soared.

Sirisena, who is one of the key players of rice monopoly in Sri Lanka, went on emphasising that rice should be sold at the control price declared by the government and that further soaring of rice prices shall not be accepted.

Temper grown, Sirisena added that the point in which the ‘rice mafia’ existed up to this point can now be identified.

Despite the disagreements between the two rice tycoons on control price, it was well-evident during the briefing that the people are the ultimate victim of the games played between politicians and businessmen.


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