Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Opposition Leader urges government led by President and Prime Minister to resign

The government led by the President and the Prime Minister should immediately resign as it has already proven that it cannot run this country, said Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa, making a statement at the Opposition Leader’s Office this (03) afternoon.

Pledging that he would start the people’s struggle to oust what he described as the unamenable government, the Opposition Leader invited all people to spare party differences and come forward.

Premadasa also requested the security forces to devote themselves to protecting the people of the country instead of protecting one ‘gang’ or individual against the country.

The problems facing the country cannot be solved immediately in five days or five months, he went on, adding that the people should not be fooled by such lies and that it would be an unfortunate situation, should someone even try to deceive the public by such lies.

The Opposition Leader further noted that it may take at least five years minimum to rebuild the country into its former state and that any talk promising a lesser period would be false.


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