Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association urges government to declare a state of national crisis

Despite the declaration of essential services, the country can no longer be administrated and every sector has now been disrupted, emphasised the Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association, urging the government to immediately call for a state of national crisis.

The Union pointed out that a proper mechanism should be implemented to maintain essential services and the the programme should be implemented under a proper authority. Should the government fail to declare a state of national crisis and maintain the essential services, strong trade union actions would be inevitable, it warned.

The Union pointed out that government officials are committed to their duties regardless of the risk of their lives to maintain these essential services, adding that the law is not properly implemented regarding the oppression befallen these employees.

The Administrative Service Association disclosed that government officials across the country are subjugated to threatening and harassment by politicians and other forces and no action has been taken to arrest those responsible, risking the total collapse of essential services upon possible resignation stemmed by intimidation and fear.


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