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There are about 05-06 lakhs who have not taken any of the covid vaccines!

The Ministry of Health states that there are between 05 and 06 lakhs who have not taken any of the covid immunization vaccine doses. Dr. Anwar Hamdani, covid Coordinator of the Ministry says that the majority of these people are young people.

Hamdani further points out that the entire society is at risk due to these irresponsible people who refuse the covid vaccine and those who have not been vaccinated have a strong potential to spread the covid virus.

The Colombo Municipal Council Health Division points out that there are more than 20,000 people in the Colombo city limits who have not received a single dose of the vaccine.

The number of daily infections in the country has exceeded 5,000 and the number of deaths has risen to 228. However, by now the number of daily infections has been reduced to 600 and the number of daily deaths to less than 20. Hamdani states that the successful implementation of the vaccine in the country was a strong reason for this.

However, Anwar Hamdani urges the people who have been fully vaccinated to take immediate steps to be vaccinated as the lives of those who have not been fully vaccinated are at risk.

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