Friday, February 3, 2023

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Today declared as a Special Dengue Control Day

Today (25) will be declared as a Special Dengue Control Day by the Ministry of Health in a move to address the risk of a dengue epidemic.

More than 43,000 dengue cases were reported since the beginning of 2022 and in the first 21 days of June this year, about 8,000 cases have been identified, revealed the National Dengue Control Unit.

Accordingly, all state and private sector institution staff members must spend a period of one hour today to identify and destroy all mosquito-breeding grounds on and off the borders, keep their environments clean and appoint a committee under a responsible officer to fight the health crisis, the Ministry said.

Denoting the higher tendency of mosquitoes being bred in public places, Community Medical Officer of the National Dengue Control Program of the Health Ministry Dr. Indika Weerasinghe emphasised that it is difficult for the health departments to check all the places under the existing conditions and therefore the general public should consider the matter their responsibility to destroy all breeding grounds to prevent the epidemic from being prevalent.


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