Thursday, August 11, 2022

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40 vehicles gone missing from the Presidential Secretariat pool!

In a startling revelation, officials attached to presidential transport division informed the law enforcement authorities that at least 40 vehicles in the transport fleet of presidential secretariat have been disappeared at present.

These vehicles were in the pool of 749 vehicles before the invasion and forcibly occupation of protesters in the former parliamentary building complex after a daring take over of the premises by hundreds protest demonstrators.

There was no information what so ever on what has happened to 17 cars 12 motor cycles, 6 single cabs, 2 double cabs and 3 vehicles of other makes, senior official said adding that the transport division has a proper inventory of vehicles and other items under its custody before the forcibly taking over of the building.

This historic building had been occupied by protesters since July 9 and they fled the are following the military operation in the early hours of last Friday.   

The officer in charge of vehicle fleet  at the President’s House has already complained to the Fort Police Station that many parts of the vehicles in the President’s vehicle garage have been stolen.

He noted that about 20 vehicles were parked in that garage and he cannot say anything about how many vehicles were there at the president’s vehicle pool as relevant documents were missing.

Meanwhile, video footage has also been released on the fleet of vehicles found at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo.the fleet of over 15 vehicles found at the Presidential Secretariat includes luxury cars and SUVs. 

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