Friday, August 19, 2022

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SL QR code for fuel pumping postpones till Aug 1 due to technical issues

The Energy Ministry has decided to dispense limited volumes of fuel in the next 12 months from Ceypetco filling stations to vehicles but it will be starting QR code system with effect from August 1st.

Earlier it was planned tgo introduce this system from Monday 26 , a senior official of the ministry said adding that it has to be delayed till next month due to technical and practical issues in the implementation of QR code

Minister of Power and Energy Kanchan Wijesekera said that the ‘QR Code’ system was introduced since the country’s daily fuel demand cannot be fulfilled.

Due to foreign exchange issues, fuel imports have to be restricted in the next 12 months, he said in a tweet.

He also said that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has never distributed fuel daily to every single fuel station and that is “practically not possible even when stocks are unlimited.”

The QR code system under the National Fuel Pass portal will be implemented islandwide from August 1 in multiple filling station locations of CEYPETCO and Lanka Indian Oil Company (LIOC) while placing the system to refuel for vehicles according to the last digit of the vehicle’s registration number until August 1, the Power and Energy Ministry said.

He said the stations not equipped or having technical difficulties will follow the last digit and fuel quota allocation until the technical issues are rectified.

“Sixty percent of the locations have already been outfitted and tested. They will be given priority in fuel distribution, he said.

Therefore, the Minister requested all CEYPETCO and Lanka IOC fuel station owners to adopt the system immediately, and distribution will be strictly enforced to fuel stations with the QR facilities by August 1.

We request the public to register with the National Fuel Pass portal and support the initiative, he said.

He said options will be given to users to register multiple vehicles with their business registration by the end of the week and to government institutes to register. Divisional Secretaries will be given access to the platform to register generators, gardening equipment, and other equipment, he said.

The Police Department and Divisional Secretaries will be given access to register three-wheelers while allocating each three-wheeler to one specific fuel station.

The Transport Ministry will be given access to register buses, allocating them to depots or fuel stations accordingly.

Other services such as health, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, industries, and service-providing sectors will be given access to the system to register their requirements and allocation of vehicles at fuel stations.

However, the QR system quota will be in place from August 1, and the last digit of the number plate system and other allocations will be invalid.

The National Youth Corp, National Youth Council members and volunteers will assist the programme at fuel stations for the next 10 days, the Minister added.

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