Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Dhammika Perera to be given top post related to economy instead of Cabinet entry?

Dismissing early claims on SLPP National List MP Dhammika Perera being appointed as Cabinet Minister, the ex business magnet is to be given a top post in the mechanism currently in development to address the economic crisis befallen the country, sources said.

Accordingly, Perera will be appointed as the chairman of the “Economic Development Committee” which is being formulated to recover the country from the current economic meltdown.

The Committee is entrusted with many responsibilities such as monitoring and supervising all aspects of the country’s economy, formulating policies to recover from the economic crisis, improving and developing new areas that emit dollars and etc.

The powers vested in the Chairmanship of the Economic Development Committee will also be equivalent to Cabinet powers, according to sources.


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