Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Ruling Party MP chases lorry for gas cylinder amid shortage

Ruling Party National List MP Diana Gamage has reportedly chased a running lorry carrying gas cylinders to purchase gas for her home, amid the ongoing gas shortage that devastated the people of the country for weeks, making it obvious that the crisis has now begun to affect not only the general public but those representing Parliament as well.

MP Gamage, who was unable to collect a gas cylinder from an outlet in Pelawatta, had to chase a lorry carrying gas to Athurugiriya. She managed to stop the vehicle in Oruwala and collect one.

The crisis is at its peak that employed people have to take half-day leave to obtain gas cylinders and wait in queues for hours. People are forced to spend about Rs. 500 – 1000 to book their place in such queues, turning the whole gas crisis into a jackpot for certain parties. In some parts of Colombo, people have to wait in such queues for two or three days, according to reports.


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