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Music Excellence Desmond De Silva passes away

Music Excellence Desmond De Silva has passed away.

His demise has been confirmed as a result of a heart attack in Melbourne, Australia.

Known as a pioneer musician in Baila Music, Mr. Silva has been recognised as the ‘King of Sri Lankan Baila.’

He was 77 at the time of his death. Mr. Silva was living in Sydney, Australia.

Born in July, 1944, Silva began his career as a musician in 1963, as a member of the ‘Fire Flies.’

His breakthrough as a musical excellence was made upon many hit Baila songs such as Kirilli Ran Kirilli, Nilwan Muhudu Theere, Kendy Lamissi, Yanna Rata Wate, Sumihiri Pane and Chuda Maanike.

Unfortunately, we now have to go through a period when all the bright stars of an era are fading away.

Farewell Desmond..

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