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Elephant deaths reported on a daily basis in 2021

The number of wild elephants killed in the elephant-human conflict in 2021 surged, similar to that of their rivals.

In 2020, 112 people were killed in the elephant-human conflict and the figure grew up to 141 in 2021, according to Wildlife Department reports.

In 2020, 327 wild elephants were killed in the conflict and the figure grew up to 369 in 2021, losing at least one creature per day.

Many of the elephant deaths last year were due to ‘Hakkapatas’ explosives, killing 68 creatures, while 65 creatures were killed by electrocution, 45 by gunfire and 04 by toxic chemicals.

Pointing out that the majority of wild elephant deaths were due to human activities, the Wildlife Department stressed that these deaths are increasing yearly. Wildlife habitats are declining as a result of gradual population growth, driving wild elephants to constantly invade human habitats, it noted.

In the country’s inability to find a definite solution to this elephant-human conflict, the elephant resource of Sri Lanka is rapidly depleting, showing signs of extinction.


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