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Lanza ready to leave Ministerial Portfolio, says prestigious to resign if being vocal for people’s problems ends up in being dismissed

State Minister Nimal Lanza stated that it would be prestigious to resign from a post which could be lost due to being publicly vocal about the problems of the people, in another blow against the government within.

The State Minister went on saying that listening to the ministers and MPs who criticise the government would be ideal than dismissing them in the event that their voices represent none other than the general public itself.

Lanza also revealed that he would be ready to give up his ministerial portfolio for the people, if the ministers are unable to be vocal for them.

People have to suspend their daily chores in waiting in queues for hours to obtain commodities and this should not happen at all, Lanza went on, adding that ministers cannot remain silent after seeing such things just because they represent the government.

He noted that the assistance of the International Monetary Fund should be sought to solve the economic problems, in the event that the public may not be even able to step on to the roads amidst an unsolvable economic crisis.

State Minister Lanza had publicly criticised the government on several other occasions as well. Commenting on the government’s silence over Lanza’s utterableness, SLFP Leader Maithripala Sirisena had stated that although SLFP members representing the administration lose their ministerial posts over such actions, people like Lanza will not, due to what he claimed as ‘knowledge’ possessed by such people about government secrets.


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