Friday, February 23, 2024

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No diesel even for SLTB buses – another fuel shortage across the country?

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) says that the diesel has not been provided to many depots across the country in 2 days. By now, the fuel stocks of several depots have been used up and there is a threat of intermission of bus operations.

The SLTB further mentioned that it is believed that the diesel stocks will be derived tomorrow, adding that however, it doesn’t make a specific statement regarding the date of the receipt of diesel.

The provision of fuel for private buses was done through the SLTB depots and due to the dearth of fuel in depots, the private bus operations have also come to a dead stop.

Meantime, the Association of Fuel Transport Tanker Owners declares that the release of diesel as well as petrol has been rigorously limited. The Association’s joint secretary, Mr. D.V Shanta Silva says that a fuel deficiency may occur again.

Due to the lack of fuel, many filling stations across the country have been closed and the fuel queues have formed again.


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