Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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President decides to continue to maintain the temporarily sworn-in cabinet

When the current cabinet was sworn in, it was decided to be a temporary cabinet for two weeks only. The reason for that was that the President had decided to form an all-party government or a government with the participation of several parties.

Having failed to form an all-party government, the president tried to form a majority government by involving a group of the opposition, but so far these efforts have not been successful.

Accordingly, the President has decided to continue to maintain the temporarily sworn-in cabinet. The president is trying to save an opposition group to the government side based on that decision.

Meanwhile, the group representing the Podujana Peramuna government continued to demand that another group of people be given cabinet and state minister positions. If not, a group of former state ministers have informed that they will have to think twice about supporting the budget.

The voting for the second reading of the interim budget will be held this afternoon and before that the President had agreed to give the posts of state ministers to a group of members of the Podujana Peramuna. However, it has not been seen that the relevant oath taking has taken place so far.

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