Monday, October 3, 2022

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New State Minister Diana Gamage believes cannabis exports will emit dollars next year (VIDEO)

Legalisation of cannabis for exportation may hopefully be implemented in a move to emit dollars in large amounts next year, said new State Minister of Tourism Diana Gamage, speaking to reporters upon being sworn in her new position in the government.

The new State Minister emphasised that the importation of essential commodities and the slashing of prices of goods are not possible without a forex inflow, and a project, therefore, must be implemented to emit dollars.

She revealed that she has proposals in this regard, adding that her previous suggestion of legalising cannabis for export purposes is one of them. Such a process would resort to the emission of dollars into the country in large amounts next year, she told the reporters.

Gamage also added that with her new position as the State Minister of Tourism, the implementation of such a project will definitely be possible.


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