Saturday, October 1, 2022

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The demand for trains hikes up!

Railway Deputy General Manager (Commercial) Vajira S Polwattage said today (10) media that with the large number of people arriving for the weekend holidays, especially for the main railway line, Badulla line, there is a panic situation at the railway stations due to the high number of passengers. Commenting on said.

However, he apologizes to the commuters for not being able to provide a supply that meets the demand and asks them to understand the current situation and take action.

Polwattage said that due to the commotion caused by some passengers trying to forcefully enter the reserved seats of the train, there have been obstacles to the traffic.

Accordingly, he requests to travel only in the cabins of the class for which tickets have been obtained.

He said that at present there is a problem of issuing tickets due to the increase in the number of passengers for train travel and the train tickets are sold out unexpectedly.

Polwattage said that alternative measures are being taken to reduce the blockages.

In the meantime, there is a great demand for long-distance service trains, especially for trains on the main road, Badulu, and he said that all the seats are sold out in the first five minutes of every day when booking seats.

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