Friday, December 8, 2023

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Three investors bid on Galle Port

Three companies have expressed their interest on investing for the Port of Galle and a most suitable investor, therefore, will be selected to be given the opportunity to develop the southern port in the country, said Ports, Naval and Aviation Affairs Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva.

The decision comes in in the government’s objective of developing the Galle Port as a tourist port under which a breakwater will be created and new city plans, entertainment zones, sailing and passenger ship facilities and sports zones are to be established for tourist attraction.

Making the project a reality, more local and foreign investors will have the opportunity to invest and the basic plans for this initiative, therefore, have already been prepared, Silva said.

Joining an observation tour at the Galle Port, Minister Silva reminded that former Minister Richard Pathirana dreamed of developing the southern port and that his tireless efforts to make that dream a reality could not be accomplished. Accordingly, the Minister promised that he will be committed to making it a reality.

The project will not limit itself to the Galle District, nor the Southern Province, for it is a necessity to establish development nationwide, he added.


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