Saturday, October 1, 2022

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A fuel ship arrived at the port of Colombo starts selling fuel on a retail basis!

Strange things have been happening in the country for several years. Those include ports where ships don’t come, airports where planes don’t come, presidents who say tomorrow will be difficult and tomorrow will be even more difficult, and ministers who tweet messages are some of them.

This is about another such thing.

A fuel ship that has arrived at the port of Colombo has started selling fuel on a retail basis. It is not because of the fault of the ship but because of the mischief of the rulers of our country.

40 million dollars must be paid for unloading the fuel stock of the ship. The petroleum corporation, which is now completely bankrupt, cannot find even one dollar, let alone 40 million dollars.

Because of this, the central bank has been requested to provide dollars, but the central bank is releasing only 05 million dollars per day for fuel import. According to that, the petroleum corporation has to go to the store to buy a kilo of rice and unload fuel equivalent to it at 05 million dollars.

Accordingly, it takes at least 08 days to complete the unloading of fuel in the fuel ship. It can also be done only if the central bank provides 05 million dollars each day.

By the time the fuel is unloaded, late fees and hundreds of thousands of dollars will have to be paid in addition.

That’s how the central bank comes up with strange plans to save dollars.

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