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Why afraid of polls if right? Sajith questions government

The present government has transformed the country into a land full of darkness, said Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa, addressing the occasion of providing medical equipment to the Point Pedro Hospital under the ‘Samagi Jana Balawegayen Husmak’ initiative undertaken by the Samagi Jana Balawegaya yesterday (11).

In the occurrence of poor governance and poor economic management, the era of queues has reemerged, the Opposition Leader pointed out.

“The government is afraid of reaching out to the people. The postponement of the local government election by one year proves it. If there is proper governance, the rulers should not be afraid of reaching out to the people. We as a country cannot move forward this way,” Premadasa noted.

He added: “Change should occur in a manner in which the country is served well, with people-oriented and people-friendly treatment. We the Samagi Jana Balawegaya promise to give a fresh solution to the burning issues of this country, to rebuild this country. We have set aside tradition and proven by action. We are ready to build, sharpen, develop and take responsibility for the country.”

A Dialysis Machine with Portable RO System worth Rs. 2,457,000.00 was donated to the Point Pedro Hospital under the 39th phase of the ‘Jana Suwaya’ project undertaken to build a healthy country as part of the Samagi Jana Balawegayen Husmak initiative.

The Jana Suwaya Project together with the Samagi Jana Balawegayen Husmak initiative is undertaken by the Parliamentary group of the SJB, party organisers, members and local and foreign branches of the SJB and funded by local and foreign donors.

Earlier, essential hospital equipment worth Rs. 110,339,500.00 were donated to the national hospital scheme in Sri Lanka at 38 phases.

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