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At least 32 SL citizens leave country every hour, more than 500 doctors left in last eight months: NMSJ

Remarks by Mr Karu Jayasuriya, Chairman of the National Movement for a Just Society and the Collective for National Religious Reconciliation, at the conference held in Chilaw, Puttalam recently titled “Establishing National Religious Reconciliation and a New Constitution for a Better Country”.

We have been travelling across the island, visiting many areas in a bid to spread the vision of the late Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera with the noble objectives of restoring the people’s lives, preserving democracy, creating national and religious harmony, and abolishing the Executive Presidency.

During these visits, we meet with civil society representatives, including religious clergy, professionals, doctors, farmers, teachers and workers from the area to collect ideas and suggestions needed to rebuild the country. Gathering such comments have proven useful as the opinions of the people must always be heeded and respected when building a country. Failing to initiate such a discourse was one reason for the country’s recent and rapid deterioration.

The 20th Amendment to the Constitution implemented in 2020 led to the destruction of democracy. At no time did the government seek the participation or the opinions of the people in this regard. The country was destroyed solely through the 20th Amendment. From the moment the constitutional amendment was first introduced we raised our strong opposition against it as we identified the many dangers within it.

Instead, we constantly called for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution to be re-empowered. As promised by the government, the enforcement of the law must now take place in the next parliamentary session subject to the recommendations of the Supreme Court. It is an assurance given by the government to the people.

We should pay attention to the day-to-day struggles of the people such as the increasing cost of living, power cuts, shortage of fuel and foreign exchange, the collapse of the agriculture industry, and the difficulties faced by the fishermen.

According to the latest reports, at least 32 Sri Lankan citizens go abroad every hour. More than 500 doctors have left the country in the last eight months. Hundreds of intellectuals including engineers are going abroad. Facing severe disillusionment and disappointment, they are now leaving the country hoping to at least provide their children with the best education possible. With Sri Lanka lacking the necessary facilities for university education, parents are now being forced to sell their properties to go abroad along with their children. We are losing our future national resources. All these are individuals created through Sri Lanka’s free education system. These are signs of a country’s rapid decline. A country cannot develop or prosper in this manner. Every citizen must have a deep understanding of these issues.

Our country is blessed with natural resources and an ideal geographical location. To date, we still believe that this country can be rebuilt. To this end, national unity and consensus are very important. This must first come through Parliament. Next, a consensus must take place among the citizens.

The National Movement for a Just Society is not aligned with any political party or political force. It is merely a group of patriots united for the betterment of the country. We are therefore travelling around the country making an appeal to the people for national religious reconciliation and consensus.

Our strength comes through the people. Locals as well as the Sri Lankan communities abroad are working with us closely. We often receive important ideas and proposals from both local and foreign academics. To date, we have conducted many discourses and dialogues via Zoom on issues affecting the people. Tomorrow, Sunday the 25th we will hold the 100th webinar of the series.

This exchange of ideas gives rise to important proposals which in turn we present to the authorities. Had the government paid attention to these details previously, the country would not be facing this tragic fate today.

We have come to Chilaw in the Puttalam district today to explain the need for national and religious unity and a common national consensus. We have a respected religious leadership and distinguished representation before us today. Your participation is an honour and strength for us.

Give us your blessings if you are agreeable to the ideas presented here today. Take this message to your villages. Let us join hands to rebuild a harmonious and prosperous country.

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